AYLEEN basic care bed

Functional. Safe. Cost-effective.

The ideal combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness

AYLEEN – the care industry standard.

The cost saving over our premium AURA and IMPULSE care beds is a result of omitting a swivel-mounted reclining surface and the smaller undercarriage as a result.

All four editions of the basic AYLEEN care bed feature maintenance-free linear drives and a reliable low-voltage control electronics for safe and stable height adjustment. The four-part, electrically adjustable reclining surface has an automatic comfort function to contour the reclining surface (auto contour) in addition to the individual adjustment of the back rest, upper and lower leg supports. This enables the bed occupant to move into a comfortable, upright position quickly and easily.

If you have higher demands on design and function, our premium care beds IMPULSE and AURA offer extensive configuration options.

AYLEEN basic care bed

Discover the AYLEEN care bed functions

Basic care bed

Ayleen, our basic care bed, is equipped with a comprehensive range of basic features and offers an excellent price-performance ratio . The various editions offer flexible applications and functional solutions for safe and comfortable care.

Working height

Ergonomic, back-friendly working is important for maintaining the health of care staff. The working height makes it possible to care for the bed occupants in an upright position.

Fowler’s sitting position

The button mechanism on the hand controller moves the reclining surface into a comfortable sitting position for the occupants. Fowler’s sitting position has a positive effect on vital functions, facilitates orientation for residents/patients and allows them to communicate with each other.

Figures showing edition 400 HC

Flexible design of the AYLEEN basic care bed

Reclining surface

The metal mesh lying surface on the AYLEEN care bed has removable mesh elements – for easy cleaning and disinfection as well as optimal accessibility when servicing the nursing beds. The robust construction offers increased stability and convinces with very good ventilation properties.

Absolute design freedom

Decide for yourself which design and finish you would like for your AYLEEN headboards and footboards.

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