Hospital bed for intensive care

The new multifunctional hospital bed HB 4010

Continuous use, constantly changing patients and high hygiene standards in clinics and hospitals place high demands on the material durability and functional diversity of hospital beds. The new multifunctional hospital bed with plastic conversions enables easy cleaning and promises high stability. 

With a safe working load of 270 kg the hospital bed meets almost all requirements. State-of-the-art control technology creates optimal functionality, which simplifies the care process for staff and provides a high level of comfort for patients. The angle indicator mounted in the side rail helps to position the patient at the desired angle of the backrest.

Discover the HB 4010 hospital bed functions

Adjustment functions

Low Bed Position for patient transfer

The low bed position provides an intermediate height to move in and out of bed at sitting height. Combined with the mobilisation position of the side­rail­, patient can get into and out of bed comfortably, safely and independently.

Examination Position

Ergonomic, back-friendly working is important for maintaining the health of care staff. The examination position makes it possible to care for the bed occupants at a comfortable height.

Cardiac Chair Position

The button mechanism on the hand controller moves the bed into a comfortable, upright sitting position. The cardiac chair position has a positive effect on vital functions, facilitates orientation for patients and allows them to communicate with each other.

Trendelenburg position

The Trendelenburg position can be a good measure to assist with stabilising patients with circulatory problems. The motorised adjustment in the head-lowering device enables quick action in an emergency.


Configuration options for hospital beds for intensive care

The four-part ABS- reclining surface

The four-part reclining surfaces with mattress compensation by offer excellent ergonomics and a high degree of comfort. Retracting the back rest during the adjustment process helps to relieve pressure on the buttocks area and offers prevention against pressure sores.

The HB-4010 hospital bed has an ABS reclining surface with removable plastic covers and offers the following benefits

  • Quick and easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Simple removal/replacement
  • Good ventilation for healthy sleep
ABS reclining surface

Adjust to new bed occupant –
the integrated bed extension (optional)

Changing residents require flexible solutions. The integrated bed extension enables optimal lying comfort, even for tall people.

The reclining surface can be extended in a matter of seconds without tools using a quick-release mechanism. All bed functions remain fully usable in the extended state.

The system can be telescoped in two stages (by 10 or 20 cm) and does not require additional protectors. For an extension of 20 cm, we recommend using an optional mattress insert.