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The judges on renowned design committees, such as the Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award, were impressed by the purist design of the AURA premium care bed. AURA editions brilliantly combine design with functionality and safety. The AURA’s understated appearance belies a wide and extensive range of functions. In its low position the bed appears to float above the floor, offering visual appeal as well as protection against injury, offering fall prevention.

A wide range of comfort features and adjustment options such as the comfort sitting position support the well-being of the bed users and create the optimum conditions for safe and gentle care. AURA – individuality and versatility down to the smallest detail. Experience maximum flexibility in terms of configuration, and create a design that reflects your taste, perhaps to match the existing room concept. You can also benefit from the long-term durability of AURA and obtain planning reliability and creative freedom for your projects.

Perfect functionality

AURA – the comfortable low care bed stands for a wide range of functions and first-class design.

The award-winning AURA low care bed features a wide range of functions to ensure maximum comfort and optimum safety for those using the bed and care staff.

Fall-prone residents in particular benefit from the AURA’s low position, as the bed height significantly reduces the risk of injury as a result of falling out of bed. Combined with the vertically retractable side rail system, AURA offers comprehensive additional functions to make daily care processes easier and to increase user comfort.

The high-quality material mix of anodised aluminium and solid wood elements emphasise the high product quality of the premium care bed.

AURA premium low care bed

Discover the AURA care bed functions

Low position for fall prevention

The AURA care bed has a low position for fall prevention, in which the sleeping surface can be lowered to a height of just 25 or 26 cm (AURA LR). In this position, and if a fall mat is also placed in front of the bed, there is virtually no risk of injury to the resident in the event of a fall.

Extended fall prevention

The extended fall prevention function on the vertically retractable split side rails (VGS) provides tangible boundaries around the sleeping surface to prevent the bed occupant from unconsciously rolling out of bed. The handrail minimally but perceptibly raises the edge of the mattress. Occupants can climb over it easily at any time and so their freedom is not restricted.

Transfer position

The transfer position provides an intermediate height to move in and out of bed optimally at sitting height. Combined with the mobilisation position of the side rails, occupants can get into and out of bed comfortably, safely and independently.

Comfort sitting position

The button mechanism on the hand controller moves the bed into a comfortable, upright sitting position for the occupant. The comfort sitting position has a positive effect on vital functions, facilitates orientation for residents/patients and allows them to communicate with each other.

Trendelenburg position

The Trendelenburg position can be a good measure to assist with stabilising occupants with circulatory problems. The motorised adjustment in the head-lowering device enables quick action in an emergency.

One care bed – countless configurations

Flexibility through the choice of reclining surface

The four-part reclining surface with mattress compensation provides optimum ergonomic properties and excellent reclining comfort. Retracting the back rest during the adjustment process helps to relieve pressure in the buttocks area, reduces compression and therefore acts to prevent bedsores.

The ABS reclining surface offers ease of handling when preparing beds as a result of its removable plastic surfaces. Its ventilation openings ensure a healthy sleeping environment.

The flexible spring elements of the comfort reclining surface adapt ideally to the body, evenly distributing weight. Combined with a viscoelastic care mattress, the comfort reclining surface is suitable for preventing pressure sores.

In the basic version, the metal mesh reclining surface has excellent ventilation properties and enables optimum moisture transfer.

From top to bottom: comfort reclining surface, metal mesh reclining surface, ABS reclining surface

The vertical side rail system
with one-handed operation

Fig. 1 – Mobilisation aid on the AURA

The advantages of the retractable vertical side rail system are its compact design, which does not require any lateral space, and the exceptional stability of the anodised aluminium precision-made elements. A high-quality solid wood handrail with an edged design strip demonstrates the high quality of the AURA premium care bed.

In addition to securing the bed's occupant, the safety elements at the head end can be used as a mobilisation aid (1). The secure grab handle provides assistance with getting up or going to bed. The sophisticated layout of the sleeping surface and side rails makes it easier to move into a position to get out of bed.

The standby position (2) of the side rails allows the occupant to sit comfortably on the edge of the bed and enables easy access by lowering all side rail elements.

The extended fall prevention (3) position with tangible boundaries around the sleeping surface counteracts unconscious rolling out and assists care staff during the transfer.

When telescoped to its maximum height, it is possible to completely secure (4) the bed occupant.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Additional side rail system for AURA care bed

Vertical side rails WITHOUT one-handed operation

The vertically retractable side rail system is optionally available without the same functionality as a one-handed operation version.

Adjust to new bed occupant –
the integrated bed extension

Changing residents require flexible solutions. The integrated bed extension enables optimal reclining comfort, even for tall people.

The sleeping surface can be extended in a matter of seconds without tools using a quick-release mechanism. All bed functions remain fully usable in the extended state.

The system can be telescoped in two stages
(by 10 or 20 cm) and does not require additional protectors. For an extension of 20 cm, we recommend using an optional mattress insert.

Hand controller with intuitive operating functions

A user-friendly and easy-to-understand operating concept is a particularly key component with regards to single-fault tolerance. For AURA, Malsch has emphasised a high-contrast hand controller design with large symbols and locking functions that can be activated using a magnetic key. This makes it quick and easy for care staff to restrict the operating functions if needed. Locked functions are easily identifiable by an orange LED next to the relevant button.

The button illumination ensures safe orientation at night and also makes it easy for the bed occupants to quickly access the operating functions in the dark.

Intuitive design is self explanatory. For this reason, we deliberately avoided double key functions or digital display solutions – for optimum ease of use and also or especially for older people without a basic technical understanding.

Absolute design freedom

Decide for yourself which design and finish you would like for your headboards and footboards.

Headboard/footboard design leather and fabric stitching

Design 5 cm rhombus quilting
V805.D2 (high)

Design 5 cm rhombus quilting
V805.D3 (low)

Design 5 cm diamond quilting
V815.D2 (high)

Design 5 cm diamond quilting
V815.D3 (low)

Design 5 cm cassette quilten
V825.D2 (high)

Design 5 cm cassette quilten
V825.D3 (low)

Design 5 cm quilted stitching
V835.D2 (high)

Design 5 cm quilted stitching
V835.D3 (low)

Design 5 cm smooth
V845.D2 (high)

Design 5 cm smooth
V845.D3 (low)

Leather and fabric options

Beige Butterfly 84561

Beige 84563

Taupe 84585

Grey 84588

Mostaza 84570

Purple 84577

Sky 84579

Red 84568


ASPEN Lavender

BLOSSOM Gooseberry


CEDAR Almond

CEDAR Nutmeg

TIBA X 7110

TIBA X 1111

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