The all-rounder in hospital environments

Our IMPULSE KL hospital bed is equipped with a comprehensive range of basic features which can be extended flexibly to suit every need. The use of high-quality materials guarantees outstanding stability despite the low net weight. The high processing quality enables a safe working load of up to 300 kg and provides operators with durability and long-term planning security. Its aesthetic design with sealed, homogeneous surfaces supports easy cleaning and disinfection.

An intuitive staff controller ensures quick access to the function keys and enables patient-specific functions to be released for adjustment positions. Diverse fixtures and fittings such as bed exit warning system, low positioning, radiolucent back rest, brake alarm etc. offer solutions for specific needs and application scenarios to simplify daily ward routines.


Lifting height: 36-86 cm (edition 300) /
30-83 cm (edition 400)

Undercarriage: 150 mm double castors with four-wheel central brake and fixed direction

Safe working load: 250 kg

Reclining surface: 90 x 200 cm

External dimensions: 106 x 220 cm

Basic features: ABS reclining surface, CPR, ISO standard accessory rail on both sides, headboards and footboards that can be removed without tools, mobilising side rail system, integrated bed extension

The IMPULSE KL hospital bed can be customised with a choice of five different undercarriages, making it adaptable to virtually any requirement in hospitals and clinical care. We recommend the configuration with edition 300 (acute bed) or edition 400 (low bed) undercarriage for universal use for inpatient care.

Discover the IMPULSE KL hospital bed functions

Adjustment functions

Low position for fall prevention

The hospital bed IMPULSE KL features a low position for fall prevention. The low position is available for the editions 400 and 400-P. Effective fall prevention is achieved when the reclining surface is at a height of just 30 cm.

Extended fall prevention

The extended fall prevention function on the vertically retractable split side rails (VGS) provides tangible boundaries around the sleeping surface to prevent patients from unconsciously rolling out of bed. The handrail of the side rail perceptibly raises the edge of the reclining surface.

Transfer position

IMPULSE KL hospital beds have a transfer position that provides an intermediate height to move in and out of bed at sitting height. Combined with the mobilisation position of the side­rail­ options GS and VGS, patient can get into and out of bed comfortably, safely and independently.

Comfort sitting position

The button mechanism on the hand controller moves the bed into a comfortable, upright sitting position. The comfort sitting position has a positive effect on vital functions, facilitates orientation for patients and allows them to communicate with each other.

Trendelenburg position

The Trendelenburg position can be a good measure to assist with stabilising patients with circulatory problems. The motorised adjustment in the head-lowering device enables quick action in an emergency.

Figures show edition 400

IMPULSE KL configurations

Configuration options for hospital beds with motorised adjustment

Flexibility through the choice of reclining surface

The four-part reclining surfaces with mattress compensation by offer excellent ergonomics and a high degree of comfort. Retracting the back rest during the adjustment process helps to relieve pressure on the buttocks area and offers prevention against pressure sores.

In the basic version, the metal mesh reclining surface has excellent ventilation properties, enabling optimum moisture transfer. A reinforced metal mesh design is used for the reclining surface in the XL bariatric bed.

Our standard size hospital beds have an ABS reclining surface with removable plastic covers offering benefits such as

  • Quick and easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Simple removal/replacement
  • Good ventilation for healthy sleep
ABS reclining surface

Metal mesh reclining surface

Radiolucent back rest

The IMPULSE KL hospital bed has an optional radiolucent HPL back rest. The ventilation openings in the high-quality laminated panel ensure a healthy climate. The homogeneous nature of the material makes it quick and easy to perform a wipe-down disinfection of the surfaces. Rapid removal of the headboard and footboard on the IMPULSE KL without the need to use tools gives easy access underneath the back rest with a mobile x-ray arm. For x-ray equipment with image plates and cassettes, a cassette cover is fitted beneath the back rest, which ensures simple and swift handling for bedridden patients when using a mobile x-ray device.

The vertical side rail system

The advantages of the retractable vertical side rail system are its compact design, which does not require any lateral space, and the exceptional stability of the anodised aluminium precision-made elements. The premium material emphasises the high product quality of the IMPULSE KL hospital bed.

In addition to securing the bed's occupant, the safety elements at the head end can be used as a mobilisation aid (1). The secure grab handle provides assistance with getting up or going to bed. The sophisticated layout of the reclining surface and side rails facilitates the resident’s transition to the exit position.

The standby position (2) of the side rails allows the occupant to sit comfortably on the edge of the bed and enables easy access by lowering all side rail elements.

The extended fall prevention (3) position with tangible boundaries around the reclining surface counteracts unconscious rolling out and assists care staff during the transfer.

When telescoped to its maximum height, it is possible to completely secure (4) the bed occupant.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Other side rail systems for Malsch hospital beds

Vertical side rails WITHOUT one-handed operation

The vertically retractable side rail system is also available without the same functionality as a one-handed operation.

Swivel side rail system

For technical reasons, the swivel-mounted version of the split-side rail offers three height positions with the same material properties and stability.

Adjust to new bed occupant –
the integrated bed extension

Changing residents require flexible solutions. The integrated bed extension enables optimal lying comfort, even for tall people.

The reclining surface can be extended in a matter of seconds without tools using a quick-release mechanism. All bed functions remain fully usable in the extended state.

The system can be telescoped in two stages
(by 10 or 20 cm) and does not require additional protectors. For an extension of 20 cm, we recommend using an optional mattress insert.

Absolute design freedom

The IMPULSE KL hospital bed offers flexibility with a choice of headboards and footboards:

Head/footboard designs

V1000 (powder-coated)
high design with opening at the top

V1141 (chrome-plated, screwed)
high design without a
circumferential gap
external reinforcement with steel bars

V2000 (powder-coated)
high design with opening at the top

V2141 (chrome-plated, screwed)
high design without a
circumferential gap
external reinforcement with steel bars

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